5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Every Creative Entrepreneur.

80% of the work creative entrepreneurs do today is done using technology. You’re a contemporary artist? There is a 99% chance that there’s no Adobe application you do not have. A writer? It is less likely that you still use an actual pen; you are most likely typing the piece you’re working on at the moment. A social media content creator? Your entire job is tech-based. 

Needless to say, technology and creative industries are a sailing 21st-century relationship. Technology, as one half of this pairing, exists to make everyday tasks easier. And so beyond your regular business-specific applications (e.g. Adobe Illustrator for designers to make sketches, or iMovie for video creators), there are essential apps that, more than just easing the work you do, can also help you to level up your business, especially in today’s economic climate where we all have to deal with social distancing and working remotely. 

Thus, here’s a put-together list of the top 5 mobile apps every creative entrepreneur should be using today. 

1. Dropbox. 

 Has the solution to a problem in a project ever randomly hit you somewhere, but your work computer is at home or in your office? This can be a huge bummer because, especially with creatives, inspiration can be very fleeting. The hours it takes you to eventually get to your computer can be enough time for you to lose all or a significant part of your ideas. 

With Dropbox, you can access project files or works-in-progress on your mobile phone anywhere and at any time so you never have to deal with lost inspiration again. The mobile app also offers handy tools like a document scanner, offline access, the ability to share files with people both on and outside the Dropbox app, and so much more. 

2. Buffer 

Social media promotion is a whole new generation of digital marketing, and to leverage all its benefits, you have to get it right. Pre-planning and organizing your creative content and posts is a best practice in that respect and Buffer assists you in achieving this organization as well as a wider reach with your business profiles across several social networks. 

The app also gives you access to social media analytics and enables quick and easy engagement with your customers even when on the go. 

Sub-mention: Canva- Canva makes design amazingly simple (and fun)! You can create beautiful designs and professional graphics with photos and videos—even if you’re not a design 

3. Square

You can never be boxed up with Square. This app offers you the best in terms of sales mobility, making it possible for you to process credit and debit card payments wherever and whenever. So if you are selling your paintings or customized t-shirts at a pop-up sale, or even just randomly meet someone that wants to make an impromptu purchase from you, the Square app has you covered in all corners to make collecting payments super simple and hitch-free. 

Square also offers an upgrade to Square Stand if you’re looking to pin down your sales in a more permanent location such as a countertop or store. 

4.  LinkedIn.

Everyone knows LinkedIn. As a social media platform dedicated to professional networking and career development, it is the best app for entrepreneurs on which you can define your personal brand and put your creative enterprise out there for the world to be able to see. LinkedIn is also the perfect forum to find suitable jobs or get recruited for your skills and experience. It is one of the best tools to help you 

level up as a creative entrepreneur; all you have to do is set up a profile that portrays the best image of you and your expertise. 

5. Freshbooks.  

No one really enjoys managing their books but it remains a must for every business. Built for entrepreneurs and small businesses, Freshbooks is a cloud-based platform that makes handling the finances of your creative enterprise easier than ever. It enables you to easily send invoices, check payment statuses, store receipts, and even communicate with your clients on the app. It also has a time tracking tool which is invaluable when you want to claim tax-deductible expenses. 

All in all, Freshbooks takes care of the financial side of your business so that you can have more time to focus on the creative aspects. 

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