African Gist at the DIDA virtual event

The DIDA aims at enhancing technology transfer from the diaspora towards the African Continent.

DIDA 2021

On the 27th of October, the African Diaspora Youth Forum Europe (ADYFE ) and the African Diaspora Platform (ADEPT platform) organised the second edition of the Diaspora Innovation Days in Africa (DIDA).

DIDA is about lifting the critical role of the diaspora by providing a platform for different stakeholders like aspiring and established entrepreneurs in all sectors to connect and engage through partnership-building while promoting joint-venture activities and fostering dialogue.

This years edition focused on connecting players of the African innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, HUBs, SMEs, with the goal of building collaborative, sustainable systems, and creating synergies within Africa and in the diaspora through dialogues that will pave the way for the African innovation ecosystem to thrive and contribute toward the social and economic development of the African continent.

The Contribution of Technology in the development of the Continent

Our founder took place in the panel on The Contribution of Technology in the development of the Continent. In this panel, Cynthia talked about the work African Gist is doing supporting African Creatives in building, sustaining, and growing their ventures through digital and business learning.

During this talk, Cynthia was joined by Ahmed Soumare Dira, CTO of Dira Partners, Mélanie Keita, CEO and co-founder of Melanin Kapital, Ngueti Armand Gaetan, Founder & CEO – UBTS INTERNATIONAL Corp. and Vanessa Atim, Founder and CEO of ProInterns. The panel was moderated by Yann Huguenard, Founder and CEO, Y.H Consulting.  

The session and the DIDA event is available in the link below.

“The Wordwide pandemic forced us to think differently when it comes to ways to better support our community”

Cynthia Mukendy, African Gist

About DIDA

The DIDA is a yearly gathering aiming at enhancing technology transfer from the diaspora towards the continent. In doing so, it createS a space for providing entrepreneurs with valuable technological content and diaspora-based innovations that is highly sought after by continental SMEs.


The African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe (ADYFE) is a platform of nearly 110 youth organizations of the African Diaspora present in 31 countries of the Council of Europe. One of ADYFE’s main purposes is Peace and Development in all its forms. We aim to achieve this through the 3 pillars of action: Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Civic Engagement.

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