We are having a makeover! Discover our new branding.

Discover what is behind this new visual identity.

New brand colours, new logo and new website : African Gist is having a makeover !
Discover what is behind this new visual identity.

Same mission adapted solutions.

Since we started in 2016, our mission has always remained the same: Create a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing between youths in Africa and its diaspora. We built African Gist with the belief that too few were shared about positive innovations impacting social realities in Africa. We wanted to highlight these positive innovations and allow others to be created through more collaboration. 

If at first, we were uncertain about the way to realize our vision, through the interactions we had with policymakers, organisation leaders and youths, we were able to fine-tune our mission while growing as an organisation.

Over time and through our many conversations with people attending our events, we realised we had a niche with very specific needs we had to attend to Creative individuals willing to live from their creativity. 

Moreover, the global pandemic of Covid 19 pushed us to think differently. Therefore, we developed more online programs available from the end of 2021. 

A new logo and brand colours.

Jule, our creative lead, developed our new logo and brand colours. 

Through the new logo, Jule wanted to illustrate the maturity of the brand revamping old elements from the original logo. In the new logo, we still find the speech bubbles from the original logo to represent the sharing of knowledge. Both bubbles create a G for Gist. 

Through the brand colours, we wanted to illustrate the link African Gist is creating between digital and creativity. Yellow representing creativity and purple technology and digital. 

This new logo and brand colours and look and feel have been implemented on our social media platforms, our brand material and our website.

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Jule, Creative at African Gist

A brand new website! 

We also completely revamped and relaunched our website www.africangist.org. Offering visitors a better view of our experts, our team and our activities. 

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