African Gist at the GBY Fest 2020

African Gist took part in the Global Black Youth Fest. The event brought together experts from 35 Continents.

In December 2020, Cynthia Mukendy, African Gist’s founder and director was invited to talk at the Global Black Youth Fest. 


The Global Black Youth Fest 2020 was a 2-day, virtual event aimed at creating intentional & alternative spaces for the advancement of Black perspectives, scholarship, positions and conditions on a global scale. 

The Fest was an interactive event featuring plenary sessions, debates, workshops, networking, thematic, regional and globally based discussions running concurrently, culminating in a live concert! During the event, Black youth engaged in a dialogue with each other to discuss policy frameworks and promote innovative, institutionalized approaches and initiatives that address global challenges.

Cynthia took part in the panel featuring the insights of Black Francophone entrepreneurs and ecosystem players who are rising above the present challenges, building new avenues for their businesses and revolutionizing economic markets that fortify Black communities. The discussion aimed at highlighting opportunities in Francophone nations and regions that foster various entrepreneurial initiatives. It discussed the possibilities that innovative and creative youth of African descent have to access funding and secure external investment. This panel also discusses the possibilities and benefits entrepreneurship offers and explores the opportunities and challenges facing young, Black, entrepreneurs in the Francophone world in accessing financial resources and support that would turn their innovative ideas into tangible businesses.



For this panel, Cynthia was joined by Joseph-Olivier Biley from WeFly Agri (Côte d’Ivoire), Thony K. Ngumbu from Mwinda Technologies (Congo),  Fabrice Alomo from EPHER Foundation (Cameroon/France). The panel was moderated by Assita Kone.

The event brought together Black innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives from across the Globe. The 2020 editions brought together 80 highly selected speakers coming from 35 countries.



“Global Black Youth (GBY) connects, amplifies and invests in the reach and impact of the most cutting edge technology generated by young Black disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs on a global scale.

In doing so, GBY weaves a global community of young Black change-makers who are generating invaluable solutions to our most pressing global challenges. Reshaping the entrepreneurship ecosystem, creating and sharing opportunities, and in the process outsmarting the status quo and disrupting the dominant narratives of Black youth. “ – GBY.


About Global Black Youth Fest

“The Fest is a completely interactive event featuring plenary sessions, debates, workshops, interactive thematic and globally based discussions and region perspectives running concurrently with all day art and book fairs open to the public. It will provide an opportunity for a rich exchange of views and ideas on the implementation of the objectives of The International Decade for People of African Descent and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development put forth by the United Nations. The Fest will facilitate a community of young Black change-makers to enhance knowledge sharing, and collaboration. “ – GBY

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