Get Sh!t Done at Social Media Week 2019, Lagos

For the second consecutive year, African Gist partnered with Social Media Week Lagos to host Get Sh!t Done. 

For the second consecutive year, African Gist partnered with Social Media Week Lagos to host Get Sh!t Done. 

Social Media Week Lagos (SMW Lagos) is Africa’s largest tech and media gathering. More than a large event, SMW Lagos is a celebration of those actively contributing to the creativity, pop culture, and technology in Africa. The theme of this edition of SMW Lagos was “ Stories: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility”. 

With the particularity of favouring learning through Story Telling, African Gist hosted the “Get Sh!t Done: Disrupt Social Norms through Storytelling”. The session focused on storytelling and the power of influencer marketing to disrupt traditional norms and drive social change in Nigeria.

We focused on answering these two questions:

  • How can one’s story inspire others to do more and drive real change within a community?
  • What does it take to make these stories visible and create a community of change-makers?

For that session, we invited Nigeria’s top change-makers using digital platforms and storytelling to disrupt traditional norms, share their stories, and drive social change in their communities :

Uriel Oputa, Media personality, and former Big Brother Nigeria participant ;
Omololu Shomoyiwa, Radio Host and Former Big Brother Nigeria participant,

Izin Akioya, entrepreneur and media consultant.
Laura IhekeTV presenter and host. 

During the session, our guests shared their views on the following topics: “Communication and Marketing for social impact”, “ Exposure for conscious entertainment”, “Self-acceptance and growth at your level”. 


” The session was very nice to see this famour people being normal and chat with them.”

“The spiritual ginger of Getting Sh*t Done has been handled to me.”

” I feel empowered and I gonna get sh*t done!”


At the end of the session, our attendees felt empowered and ready to work on their project to drive change within their local communities one step at a time. The session gathered over 82 attendees.

About Social Media Week Lagos

SMW Lagos is a week-long event focusing on insights, ideas, trends, insights, best practices, and policies that leverage technology to transform industries and communities across Africa.

Each year, thousands gather to learn and connect with global brands, business leaders, celebrities, and peers. In 2019, the event gathered over 23 000 visitors. 

Pictures by Samonams

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