5 podcasts to listen to while building a business in Africa.

Besides just being business news platforms created by Africans, these podcasts tell you exactly as it is in the African business scene. The truth, just like capital investments, is one thing every budding business needs. Whatever industry you’re building under, whether corporate or creative, your business goals can only become more than dreams of dollar signs if you work towards them with a clear understanding of the economic climate around you. Plus, there is a wealth of encouragement and advice to be received from the entrepreneurial stories that are told in these podcasts. 

So if you are building a business in Africa, here are the top 5 podcasts to subscribe to for your required daily dose of commercial news .

1. The Smallstarter Business Podcast by John-Paul Iwuoha. 

Building a business in Africa, you will most likely start small. The Smallstarter Business Podcast with John-Paul Iwuoha offers practical tips, advice, and insights that will help improve your chances of starting right, and growing or turning around your business. Take it as an intriguing, informal business essentials class where John-Paul will teach you everything you need to know about strategy, market entry, sales and customer acquisition, growth, expansion, raising capital, developing strong business systems, leadership, and hiring capable and loyal people on your business team. 

Podcast Link: https://www.smallstarter.com/podcast/ 

2. African Business Stories by Akaego Okoye. 

According to the World Bank, Africa is the only region in the world where more women than men choose to become entrepreneurs. African Business Stories is a weekly podcast created to tell the stories and share the experiences of these frontrunner females in the African business landscape. There is a goldmine of inspiration and direction to be obtained from the stories of these successful 

women. And if you’ve ever found yourself in need of a boost in morale and encouragement to keep pushing forward regardless of whatever business struggles you may be facing, then this is the perfect podcast for you. 

Podcast Link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/892033 

3. Africa on Focus by MS.ABA. 

Africa on focus is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the triumphs of young black entrepreneurs in Africa and the diaspora. These young entrepreneurs have been recognized as a new and bright generation in the African business scene, revolutionizing the status quo in lifestyle, business, entertainment, charity, sports, and more. If you are building a business in Africa today, you are building a future for yourself, and so what better way to find motivation than from the stories of the generation of people that are the future themselves too. 

Podcast Link: http://www.africaonfocus.com/ 

4.  Classic Business by Michael Avery. 

Michael Avery is always keeping up with the ever-changing business times and the economic climate of the day. Classic Business is a South African podcast through which he promotes business intelligence using economic and market analyses that are well-balanced, candid, and acute. His ultimate goal is to inform and educate so that you as a listener will always be up-to-date and never ignorant in the world of business. And don’t worry—his news podcasts are so entertaining, you’ll never doze off while listening. 

Podcast Link: https://iono.fm/c/3504 

5. Newscast – Africa. 

This Africa Business Radio podcast brings you all the leading news from across Africa, on business, economy, markets, and politics. The Newscast – Africa podcasts 

are brief, go straight to the point, and have you adequately informed on relevant issues in 60 seconds, more or less. 

Podcast Link: https://www.spreaker.com/show/newscast-africa 

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